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How to have a Casino Fundraiser

A Fun-filled Casino Party is an excellent method of
Fundraising for organizations of all sizes.

The Advantages of an ABC Casino Party Fundraiser:

  • Casino Parties Are A Proven Method of Fundraising
  • Organizations have been using Casino Parties as successful fundraisers for many years. ABC (est. 1945) has helped thousands of organizations raise much needed funding.
  • Easy To Plan
  • Since the ABC staff "runs" the party for you, your staff and Board of Directors can follow the basic steps outlined in this booklet to implement a successful event.
  • Introduce New Friends to Your Organization
  • Everyone enjoys a party - and the Casino Games provide an excellent way to bring people together. Your staff and Board of Directors can invite their friends and be assured that everyone will have a great time!
  • Donations Are Easy To Solicit
  • Donors like to give knowing you will build a larger amount from their gift. Gifts of services and merchandise are easier to solicit than cash donations.

Planning Your ABC Casino Party

    • We suggest you confirm your date at least 90 days in advance to allow adequate time for planning, gift solicitation, and ticket sales.
    • The ABC staff with help you with every detail. We want you to be successful in your fundraising efforts and will suggest proven methods that will maximize donations.
    • Ticket Sales/Promotion
    • Table (Game) Sponsorship
    • Auction, Raffle Prizes
    • Facilities/Party
    • Set goals and monitor progress for ticket sales, table sponsorship, and auction/raffle Prizes. Develop a budget in order to define expected costs.


  • Ticket Sales/Promotion
      • The first responsibility of this committee is to set a fundraising goal. Ticket prices and number of tickets to be sold should be determined by this goal.
    • Duties
      • Prepare and print promotional flyer
      • Prepare and print tickets
      • Prepare and distribute press release
      • Determine all possible ways for selling tickets
      • Set goal number of tickets to be sold by each Board and Staff Member
      • Monitor and push ticket sales
    • Remember, Pre-sales are very important! Collect money immediately. Even if someone cannot attend, they can buy a ticket!
      • NOTE - All promotional materials and tickets should refer to donations - not entry fees.
  • Table/Game Sponsorship
    • For table sponsorship, first look to your own Board of Directors. Your Directors (or the companies they represent) should find table sponsorship a great way to assure that their personal donation generates income for your group.
    • Next, search your list of known corporate givers & non-givers. Perhaps a company has donated annually for 3 years. Maybe they would be willing to add the cost of a table to their donation.
    • Also - the contribution needed for a table is minimal, allowing companies/organizations (or individuals) who have not given before - to feel that they participate at this level.
    • Make sure donors receive the recognition they deserve - place a marker with their name on their table at the party and after the party, let them know how much you raised from their table.
  • Auction/Raffle Prizes
    • We suggest you obtain 10 gifts per 100 guests.
    • We also suggest that everyone have an opportunity to be a winner via an ongoing raffle. Raffle gifts can be given out every half-hour throughout the evening.
    • Aim for 2 - 3 "Grand Prizes" and start to pursue these immediately.
    • Solicit gifts of merchandise and services (e.g. restaurants, resorts, hotels. movie theatre chains, performing groups, T-Shirt companies, retail stores, sporting events, etc.).
    • Even small gifts can be used. Regardless of the size of the prize, your “gamblers" will love to feel like they have won something.
    • Ask each Board and Staff member to list 5 contacts they have for obtaining prizes. Then ask them to secure prizes from each contact.
  • Facilities/Party
    • ABC can help you locate the appropriate facility for your party or look to your Board of Directors for the donation of a facility.
    • ABC can also help you determine an appropriate set-up and decorations to turn your facility into a Casino!
    • ABC can also help you with any type of theme party you might choose. We do all sorts of parties - Western, Hawaiian, Monte Carlo, Roaring 20's, etc.
    • Duties
      • Work with ABC to secure facilities and decorations.
      • Work with A B C to determine the following:
        • chip values
        • amount of play money included with initial ticket donation
        • amount of additional play money available
        • minimum/maximum bets
        • raffle ticket values
      • Identify volunteer dealers
      • Facilitate welcoming party guests


  • We give you our personal guarantee that we will do everything possible to help you make your Casino Party Fundraiser a success.
  • ABC will always donate a table to parties with equipment rental exceeding $750.*
  • ABC will consult with your Board of Directors as needed.*
  • ABC will advise you regarding appropriate equipment and decoration needs. *
  • ABC will print your tickets.
  • ABC will provide delivery & set-up.
  • ABC will help you to learn how to make the most money you can at your party.*
  • ABC will help you locate a facility, caterers, and entertainment.*
  • ABC will provide dealer training for your volunteers - to help you keep your expenses down.*
  • ABC will run your party.
  • ABC will provide your Auctioneer.
  • ABC is Always There For You.

*ABC provides these items at no additional charge as a service for you.