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A Great Casino Party Doesn't Happen By Chance

ABC Casino Games has been putting on successful casino parties since 1945. The single most important lesson we've learned over the years has been that it takes more than casino tables and dealers to ensure a successful party.

A key element of the ABC Casino Games service is our desire to make sure everything is done to guarantee your event is a real winner.

How? By assuring all of the key elements are in place: getting started smoothly; providing quick, lively and entertaining play; finishing off cleanly and moving into the appropriate method of awarding prizes for your group.

Here's How ABC Does It:

Getting Started - Each guest receives a fixed amount of "funny money" to start your event. Guests then proceed directly to the gaming tables where our friendly dealers help start the action.

The Play - Our dealers convert your guests' "funny money" into chips. ABC Casino Games always uses chips at the tables to ensure quick, spirited play. Minimum and maximum bets are established to keep the payoffs moving quickly. Our dealers take the time to help your guests learn all of the games and will encourage them to have fun and get into the exciting Las Vegas feel.

The Big Finish! - Most casino parties conclude with the awarding of prizes. These prizes may be distributed in several ways:

  • Raffle Tickets - Our dealers convert your guest's "winnings" into raffle tickets which are then used for drawings to distribute prizes.
  • Auction - Your guest's "winnings" are converted into vouchers that are used in an auction setting for prize giveaways.
  • Top Winners - A true "gambling" experience. Our dealers tally up your guests' winnings and announce the "top winners" for the event.


Our casino packages consist of quality equipment including Blackjack Tables, Craps Tables, Roulette Tables and Wheels, Poker Tables, Chuck-A-Luck and Wheels of Fortune. All "funny money," cards, dice and chips are included.

We also supply professional dealers who will ensure an evening of fun and entertainment for your most discriminating needs. Your guests don't have to be experts to win, because our friendly dealers are happy to teach anyone the rules of the game.

Package prices include delivery, set-up, and teardown of all equipment and dealers.

Playing time: Three hours; Overtime Charge: $30.00 per dealer per hour

We also have auctioneers available.

Call us for details of fun nights, charities and fund raising.

(Prices subject to change without notice)